Lynette Greenfield (L.Greenfield)


Lynette Greenfield is an Australian writer of fiction, poetry, and children’s titles.  She recently made an author appearance at the Book Expo America in Chicago, 2016 in New York City 2017, and again in New York in May 2018, to showcase her latest fiction novel, The Day it Rained Forever; a fiction novel, which is currently being adapted to film.

She is also the founder and director of Limelight Publishing.

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Books by Lynette Greenfield



Misuse - hardcover edition

The Day it Rained Forever

The Night Birds

Love is Louder than Pain

An Ounce of Expectation

Careful Harmony

It's Complicated

Miss Understood


Know the Difference

Moments with Me

I Know Mummy Loves Me

I'll Always Love You No Matter What