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"Over time, you will learn just how much I value my relationships with my clients. Writing and publishing aren't just jobs for me. As I embark on my twentieth title, I reflect on my career with gratitude. Lulu gifted me the opportunity to attend BookCon and BookExpo as a Lulu Publishing author, which was a lifelong dream. I started Limelight Publishing just before Lulu announced seeking partnerships; the company just happened to be ready. IT WAS FATE. Now, I have the incredible opportunity to be part of authors' lives because a book is a reflection of a person. And to be let into that world is nothing short of an absolute privilege. One I do not take for granted." 

 -Lynette Greenfield, Author and CEO/Founder of Liemight Publishing

Lynette Greenfield is an Author and the CEO/Founder of Limelight Publishing; an official Partner of Lulu Publishing. Lynette has attended the Book Expo America and Book Con in New York City in 2018 and 2019, represented by Lulu Press. And again in 2016 and 2017, represented by then, America Star Books.  Lynette has written 19 books, including non-fiction, and fiction, romance, mystery, short stories, and poetry. All of her books are based on real-life events. She is most well known for her novel, The Day it Rained Forever (which is about surviving a sexual violent attack), and the book she wrote to help others write and publish; Write Publish Repeat. Lynette has a Degree in Education, majoring in Creative Writing and Photography.  She attended Brian Chandlers School of Art and Design and Sound Engineering at JMC Acadamy. Lynette also appears in the book Online Marketing for Busy Authors, by Fauzia Burke which is sold at Major Street Publishing, Melbourne, Australia.   Lynette's novel, The Day it Rained Forever, and Write Publish Repeat, are both currently sold in-store and online globally at the popular retailer Dymocks North Lakes, in Brisbane, Australia. Her dream is to help others achieve their own literary success and often speaks with youth about positive publishing pathways. 

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Soon to be released: TORN (Fiction novel)

Non-Fiction: Write Publish Repeat

Fiction: AKRASIAOpen Heart SurgeryMisuseThe Day it Rained ForeverThe Night BirdsLove is Louder than PainAn Ounce of Expectation,  

Short Stories: Scripturient

Poetry: Careful HarmonyIt's ComplicatedMiss UnderstoodConfessionsKnow the DifferenceMoments with MeShe

Children's Stories: I Know Mummy Loves Me (Autism Awareness), I'll Always Love You No Matter What, I'm Not Scared of Spiders (currently in review).

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Lulu Publishing Announces Book Con and Book Expo 2019 in New York City with Lynette Greenfield

This was an incredible day, when long before I created Limelight Publishing, the beautiful poet Author, Angela Marie read some of my work in an Instagram Live event! (Angel_writer). Angela is a beautiful soul and so when I wrote Write Publish Repeat, I decided to include her. It was the very least I could do.