Kimberly Lynn Williams

As a former competitive dancer and gymnast, medical sales rep for some of the largest medical companies in the world, personal trainer, health writer for the esteemed Aspen Healthy Planet magazine, host of the podcast "Raw To Radiant", pageant title holder, and and wellness has been part of Kim's entire life. When her daughter was born with severe food allergies, she dove into studying nutrition and how the foods we eat either harm or heal the body.

In 2001, she created Idella's Natural Gourmet, one of the first gluten-free organic cookie companies that made delicious cookies for people with food allergies and sensitivities. She opened "Nur-ish ", an organic raw foods co-op that served delicious organic primal raw foods, and supported a local raw-dairy in the Aspen Colorado Valley, all the while committed to her daily yoga practice, volunteering, and raising a daughter.


Kim first published Raw to Radiant in 2006 as a short summary and the ABC's of the primal diet created by her mentor Aajonus Vonderplanitz. 13 years later, she relaunched the book with additional information that has been discovered over the previous decade.


A native of Flint, Michigan, she has had the good fortune of living in various parts of the country learning western, and alternative healing methods. Currently, she is based in Los Angeles where she works as a health coach specializing in detoxification and rebuilding for health and wellness.