Kim Eberhardt

Kim Eberhardt is an author, speaker, coach, and leadership development expert. Her professional career has encompassed sales, operations, and marketing for several world-class Fortune 500 companies. She led and managed large teams of 70+ employees, is an award-winning sales manager, and teaches leadership as a Sr. Director of training and development – which is her true passion. Kim believes extraordinary results are achieved through creativity, leadership and helping others to succeed. She regularly speaks and presents to large international audiences of over 700+ people.

In addition to her business expertise, Kim is an award-winning choreographer, theatre actress, singer, and dancer who began her performing career with Disney before touring internationally and regionally. As a choreographer, she has staged and directed over 25 productions, earning multiple awards and accolades. Kim graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and she earned an MBA summa cum laude from University of La Verne. She resides in sunny Southern California.

Shine Bright is a beautiful, motivational book that will inspire and motivate you to live a more positive life.

Author, Kim Eberhardt explains, "Life is not meant to be lived feeling empty inside. You are everything your spirit shines within you and you have a worthwhile purpose to share it with everyone you meet. In Shine Bright: a little book about radiance and joy, Kim Eberhardt reminds us that each of us has an inner light that is full of possibilities with limitless and boundless potential for joy. Illuminate the world with love, beauty, and joy. Bring awareness to your inner light every day, in every way."

Shine Bright is available now!