Kelsey Cantrell

Introducing  the author of Stars in the Honey - Kelsey Cantrell, also known as K. M. Cantrell.  Born and raised in a small town in Indiana, she has a BA in English writing and film studies from DePauw University. She currently lives in Indianapolis. Stars in the Honey is her first novel.  You are invited to connect with Kelsey Cantrell via the links below.

IG - @kelsbby29


 Seren's mind is filled with honey - a sickeningly sweet reminder of her mother who broke apart their family seven years ago. Now, Seren’s only hope for a happy future is to get the hell out of her hometown and leave the memories behind. But after her first escape plan is botched, Seren spirals into a mindset from which she may never recover, until her best friend, Elena, suggests a new plan involving a summer road trip and an up-and-coming band.

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  Cover photograph by Annie Spratt