Jeffrey A Chunglo


About the author: Jeffrey “Doc” Chunglo served in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. He retired from service in 2017 achieving the rank of Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman, completing 22 years of service. He currently serves as the Director of Veterans' Services in Arlington, Massachusetts. He resides in Ashland, Massachusetts with his wife Diane. Connect with Jeffrey via Facebook

About the Book: The Rescue of Boxer 22 was a highly secret operation. It occurred in a forgotten country, Laos, during the Vietnam War. An international agreement had banned military operations in Laos, yet some of the most vicious battles of the Vietnam War occurred in that region. The rescue of Boxer 22, and its details, were classified as SECRET until documents surrounding this mission were declassified in 2001. This mission remains the largest Combat Search and Air Rescue mission in U.S. Air Force history. 

This is one truly incredible story! 

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