James Bond

James Bond comes from a talented family of writers and has authored various fiction and non-fiction works for different publishers. His non-fiction works are multidisciplinary and draw from science, psychology, history and literature. He has also written many young adult fiction stories that have appeared in some teen magazines. His children`s stories have earned him a reputation in the children’s book industry. Most of his children’s stories reflect his keen interest in nature and European history. When he is not writing, he takes care of his five children, enjoys time with his lovely wife and their chubby cat, George. You can reach JB at Viscom10000@gmail.com

Red Flame is James' new title: WAR FROM ITS INCEPTION IS CRUEL, BRUTAL AND NASTY! Mankind`s downhill rush from moral level has plunges into materialist flood of social unrest and sedition. The enormous advance gained by the sciences of inanimate matter over those of living things is one of the greatest catastrophes ever suffered by humanity. Anecdotes from world history, stories from newspapers, problems with grief keep this book from being a scholarly study and should make it interesting for today`s reader who is curious and anxious about dealing with the age of uncertainty we are living in. It goes beyond other books in its field in that, instead of just describing a future full of uncertainty and flux, I recommend a point of view, a philosophy, which can help humanity live fuller and happier lives. The book is interdisciplinary in nature. It incorporates ideas from psychology, history, literature, chemistry and politics. Conversations with people from all walks of life, have convinced me that there is a vast potential readership for this book; the book was written because of the pervasive nature of uncertainty in today`s world and the general level of ignorance of how to find happiness and deal with opportunities to make peace with ourselves and in order to avoid the disaster awaiting humanity ahead.

Red Flame can be purchased in Paperback or eBook