F. R. Witt

FR Witt is a lover of all things creative and the outdoors. She spends her time helping others, riding horses, painting, and creating stories. This book is the sequel to her debut novel of her "Everyday Werewolf" series, "There's Something I Have to Tell You" While most of her previous writing experience was journalism, she switched to creative story telling to help her cope with depression and anxiety caused by events in her personal life. F.R. Witt has always been a voracious reader, and her appreciation for creative fiction does not go unnoticed in this series. Now in a better place in her life, she writes from a love of her craft that is evident in the characters she portrays. 

The new title is called, The Wolf Among the People

F.R. Witt is also the author of, There's Something I Have to Tell You

Both titles are available now!