Dr. Dione Milan K. Washington

Dr. Dione Milan K. Washington is a nationally recognized evangelist, public speaker, author, and life coach from Compton, California. She is a woman with a great passion for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, serving her community, and giving hope to the hopeless through the good news of our redemption in Christ Jesus. Dr. Washington is also an advocate for foster, kinship, and adoptive youth and families. For over twenty-five years, she's worked to provide services and resources to foster families, parents, and youth without fail. Aside from her ministry and work as an author, Dr. Washington displays exceptional love and care as a mother. She is blessed with two lovely daughters groomed by her in the love, fear, and admonition of the Lord. Dr. Washington is currently the author of 3 positively life changing books and they are entitled, Living the Life You Love, Crowned Queen and The Designer Mom. These publications are selling worldwide.

Written from a child’s point of view, Kentucky and Her Friends is a both harrowing and touching recounting of a true life experience, narrated by a lovable fictious young girl named Kentucky. After a fierce neighborhood girl bullied her without provocation, Kentucky had to be escorted home by some newfound friends. This beautifully designed volume highlights how love and forgiveness can change the hearts of even the most cold-hearted among us.

Kentucky and Her Friends is available now

Dr. Dione Milan K. Washington is also the author of The Designer Mom: A Guide to Being a Present, Active, and Effective Mother, Living the Life You Love, and Crowned Queen: When God Says Next!