by Lynette Greenfield


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When every citizen of New York turns twenty-one, they must make an important decision; to change something about their lives, no matter how it impacts others. They can change a memory, an event, or a feeling, but they cannot take a human life. This decision is mandatory, and non-compliance means facing banishment from society; forfeiting the ability to buy and sell goods.

On the morning of Angelina’s 21st birthday, authorities break down her door and demand her decision, when she is suddenly whisked away by a stranger. Angelina is then thrust into the underground world where rebels fight for their right to maintain freedom of choice. But how long will this world last without the basic structure of modern society? 

In our own lives, we are all constantly searching for what we don’t have; more affection, more trust, more security, more money, more power. Only a select few ever really reach a point where their cup is full enough. The rest of us, who live off dreams and ideas, resort to looking in new directions to find happiness and fulfillment, and we soon realize that some things must matter more than others. Equilibrium is about survival, consequences, how we find balance in our lives. It explores the idea that who we really are is at the core of what truly connects us in the end.