Lynette Greenfield

In 2018, Lynette Greenfield launched Limelight Publishing, an independent publishing company of all genres.  A writer of fiction, fantasy, poetry, and children’s titles, all of Lynette's work is based on life events and her work has often been described as, honest and intensely passionate.

Lynette has over 26 years’ experience in creative and business writing, self-publishing, as well as project management and IT positions in global corporations.

Lynette recently made an author appearance at the Book Expo America in Chicago, 2016 in New York City 2017, and again in New York in May 2018, to showcase her latest book, The Day it Rained Forever; a fiction novel which is currently being adapted to film. 

Limelight Publishing was created through Lynette's desire and life long passion to help fellow writers achieve their own literary goals & dreams.

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