AKRASIA, by L. Greenfield

Lynette Greenfield's latest novel, AKRASIA is now available!

Copies can be purchased at lulu.com and limelightpublishing.com

When a manuscript entitled AKRASIA lands on Alexis’s desk, she knows that she’s discovered something magnificent. The manuscript has no known author and was mysteriously delivered to a colleague randomly on a busy Melbourne street. The following day, Alexis goes to her weekly catchup with her best friend Carmen, only to find that she’s not there, which is completely out of character. A strange man then arrives to let Alexis know that, in order to see her friend again, AKRASIA must become a success. Alexis must make it happen. She must ensure that the book is a great success. But who is the author, and what is behind the kidnapping?

Lynette's new novel is called, AKRASIA and it is available now.

Lynette Greenfield is an Author and the Founder and Director of Limelight Publishing. She has published multiple genres, including: fiction novels, poetry, and children’s books. She made an author appearance at the Book Expo America and Book Con in New York (2018 and 2019), represented by Lulu Press/Publishing. In 2016 and 2017 she appeared, represented by then America Star Books. Lynette appears in Online Marketing for Busy Authors, by Fauzia Burke at Major Street Publishing, Melbourne, Australia. And her novel, The Day it Rained Forever, is currently sold online and in store at the popular retailer Dymocks North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia.

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